Tips for a Successful Session



  • A tired dog, is a good dog.  Try to walk and/or exercise your dog prior to your session.  The more energy they burn will be less energy to try and contain when taking photos. 


  • Bring toys, balls, treats that you know your dog will respond to.  We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to help achieve the perfect portrait, but if you have any favorites, bring them along.


  • Let us do the work.  Too many voices, commands and noises can be counterproductive when it comes to photos.  We do our best to keep the sessions as stress free for both the dog and the owners!    


  • Relax!  Dogs feed off our energy.  The best way to get a natural, relaxed photo is to be relaxed yourself.  Too much nervous or excited energy can make a dog uncomfortable. 



Remember that unless your dog is a professional supermodel, this is a new experience for them.  The lights, backdrop and smells of other animals can be very distracting to even the most obedient dog.  You may find yourself saying “he/she’s never acts like this at home,” but remember, they are never in this situation at home.